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Beyond Books: 3 ways school librarians can support student success

Ever-advancing technology, budget constraints and encouraging a love for reading while competing with nonstop digital distractions are just a few of the many challenges school librarians face.

TGIF time-saver: How to gauge ESSER’s academic impact

Studies link ESSER to slight rise in test scores. Also this week, former President Donald Trump eyes federal education funding and Google announces new AI tools.

Making the Switch: Digital Transformation in K-12 Records Management

Date & Time: Thursday, August 15th at 2 pm ET

In this webinar, the CTO of the School District of Manatee County will discuss how his school system transformed its own document management system into a digital one through an innovative strategic blueprint, a mobile mass scanning fleet, and a close partnership between district leadership and school site staff.

School boarding meetings: How much time is devoted STEM?

In some states, nearly half of district school boards prioritized STEM/STEAM-related topics, new Burbio data suggests.

School closures: More big districts are making tough choices

Seattle could close 20 elementary schools. Ohio's largest district also has its eye on middle and high school adjustments. But a Colorado district has halted its closure plans.

Teachers around the world are facing similar hurdles—and AI, too

In a global McGraw-Hill poll, more than half of educators said that issues at home, insufficient family support and other external influences are the "largest obstacles to student success."

3 ways your remaining ESSER funds will drive digital learning

K12 leaders should strongly consider using remaining ESSER funds to enhance digital learning solutions to meet students where they are.

A One-Stop-Shop: Modern Marketplace for Better Equipped K-12 Procurement

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 22nd at 2 pm ET

With industry insight into the concept of procure-to-pay, this webinar will explore how you can support your team through the entire procurement lifecycle—from requisition to check. Join us for an insightful discussion on how you can enable your procurement team to do more with more in the face of staffing and workforce challenges. 

How to maximize ESSER funding before it’s gone

It is tempting to think of these last ESSER funds as one-time expenditures to address limited, one-time needs. A better way to consider these funds would be as a down payment on sustainable strategies.

Administrators deserve better than just one poverty metric

Many in the education community agree that free and reduced-price lunch data is far from perfect and doesn’t tell the full poverty story.

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